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EMCA: A87-535-8510-KN-HE200

A87-535-8510-KN-HE200 connector backshell. 90 degree, Size 22, Electroless Nickel. Equivalent to 440AJ030M2205-3S, CPA468F-2205S, BND54AC902210-S, 91A3-23-10-1-C-HE200.

* Price shown for up to 10 pieces. Enquire now for additional price breaks
Manufacturer Part Number Stock Price (up to 10 pieces)
EMCA A87-535-8510-KN-HE200 6 £52.05 ENQUIRE
EMCA Hybrid Plating A87-535-8J10-KN-HE200 28 £80.19 ENQUIRE
Glenair 440AJ030M2205-3S Contact office for pricing ENQUIRE
Compaero CPA468F-2205S Contact office for pricing ENQUIRE
TE BND54AC902210-S Contact office for pricing ENQUIRE
Polamco 91A3-23-10-1-C-HE200 Contact office for pricing ENQUIRE

Part Enquiry

Parts Enquiry

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